Welcome to Klamath Obituary

We are sorry for your loss. Klamath Obituary was created to help during your time of grief. Klamath Obituary makes it simple to create an online obituary for your loved ones. We also make it easy to share that memory with others through email and social media. 

How to Create an Obituary

Click the button below to create an obituary. Then click the Pay Now button to make your payment. It’s that simple. The following information is needed to create an obituary:

  • Name of deceased as you wish it to appear
  • Description of the deceased. Up to six paragraphs.
  • Photo or photos. Up to six for a gallery:
    • please indicate the primary photo for the main article
    • a brief descriptions for each, if desired.
  • Your Name. This must match the name used to pay for the obituary
  • OPTIONAL: Date, time and location of a memorial service.
  • OPTIONAL: Birth date or year and Death Date
  • OPTIONAL: Cause of death

Create an Obituary